The 2011 Toronto Tweed Ride

Video and Photos from the 2011 Toronto Tweed Ride

This past Saturday was Toronto's first Tweed Ride.

It was immensely successful (we estimated about 200 people showed up) and this will be an annual event. We kept hearing again and again how much fun everyone had and how they can't wait until next fall when we do it all again (and hopefully bigger and even better).

The best part is the event raised over $10,000 for the fantastic work that Bikes without Borders does, which is currently sourcing and buying bicycles and bicycle ambulances for health workers in Malawi.

If you missed the event (or even if you were there, looking dashing and lovely in your tweedy best), you're probably interested in seeing videos and photos from the event. This post is for you.

Let's start with a great video put together by Xander of 416CycleStyle: Tweedride Toronto on Queen St.

The next video is also from Xander... of the massive tall bike (complete with propeller) on the ride. :) It has a funky soundtrack, that somehow mashes Tweed with the 1970s. haha.

After the ride, we all stopped at Dovercourt House (on Dovercourt, north of Bloor) and parked our bikes at the BikeValet provided by the Toronto Cyclists Union and Autoshare, and proceeded to have dinner and a swinging 2-floor party.

Here's a video of Tweedsters and Swing Dancers cutting a rug to "Sly Blue", a swing band from NYC.

Finally, there are hundreds and hundreds (maybe thousands) of photos out there of the absolutely astounding fashion on the ride. Here's a few from our TweedRideTO Flickr Group:

20111015-tweedride-6 'Stache Tandem Taxi #tweedtweeters DSCN1903 DSCN1888 DSCN1898 DSCN1907 Dapper Derek IMG_6183 IMG_6200 IMG_6193 IMG_6214 IMG_6235 IMG_6306 IMG_6298 cyclecouture If you're looking for more photos, you can find them just about everywhere:
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