Ride Details

In 2009 the now famous “Tweed Run” took two wheels and cut a fashionable swathe through the streets of London. Since then “Tweeding, Tweed Rides, and vintage cycling events have become a “culture” the world over from Portland to St. Petersburg.   Tweed is in reference to the sporting woolens of yesteryear associated with active cycling culture throughout the ages, but it’s not all just limited to tweed clothing.

Trinity Bellwoods Gates, 1911

Registration opens at 1:30pm

We gather near the Queen st.  gates of Trinity Bellwoods park for a spot of last minute registration and petite social gathering.  Be sure to don your best vintage inspired threads from the turn of the century through to the forties and fifties, or even a mix and match of styles throughout the ages!  Be sure to arrive early to register as we will be leaving at 2:30pm sharp.

The "Grand Ride" starts at 2:30pm

In our best dressed, we’re going to show “Toronto the good”, the fine art of a gentle ride.  The mass ride will take us through historic neighborhoods plus a tea break and ending with an optional but not to be missed after party.

High Tea and the After Party

During the ride there will be a break for tea! After tea the ride continues and leads us to the official after party hosted by our friends the heritage pub, Firkin on King. In the past, Tweed Ride Toronto has provided a dinner as part of the after party but please note, a full dinner is no longer included. Our goal is to raise money so we hope you understand we had to trim down. There will be affordable drink and dinners options, entertainment, prizes and good cheer in spades.

The Weather Call

If a light sprinkling is in the forecast we’ll keep calm and carry on so add some rain gear to your outfit. If it’s really going to down pour and put a show stopping damper on the ride it will be postponed. Should a date change occur due to weather Tweed Ride Toronto organizers will notify participants a few days before the event. Registration fees will not be reimbursed. It goes to a good cause so we hope you understand. If you are unable to attend in the spring you will have the option to give your spot to a friend.