The Cause

MW_BWB_09 The 2014 Toronto Tweed Ride is an important fund raiser for  Bikes Without Borders.

Bikes Without Borders is a federally registered Canadian charity using bikes and bike-related solutions as a tool for development in marginalized communities.

This year's effort will support Bikes Without Borders Great Bike Recyclea unique program supported by Tangerine and several other community partners. 

The biggest bike drive and bike recycling celebration to hit Toronto – The Great Bike Recycle is a chance for the Toronto community to come together and see the amazing impact bicycles can make and the innovative way that companies help charity partners like BWB.

The Great Bike Recycle aims to incorporate bicycles as a tool for development to increase access to community services, to empower marginalized youth, and contribute to a healthier city and we are doing this with the unique help of our biggest corporate sponsor Tangerine. It  enables an easy and credible way for people to donate their unused bicycles and parts, to be refurbished and distributed to marginalized community members around Toronto.

Tangerine has changed the way corporations engage with their community and their charitable partners. They support the GBR by donating unused space for bicycle storage and a repair station. Their staff greet donors and assist in the distribution of bikes. They are a unique and promising model for corporate giving in many ways.

BWB rarely ships donated bicycles internationally. Instead we look to work with international charities and suppliers to source new bikes in countries,  so we are able maximize donations, maintain access to parts for repair, and make a small environmental footprint. The Great Bike Recycle distributes bicycles along with safety equipment to our non-profit partners (Youth Assisting Youth, YMCA, etc.) At times because of storage constraints we may not be able to take bicycles so be sure to check the website for donation details.

We do not pick up bicycles. (very sorry we simply don't have the resources.....yet.)