#TBT – Interior Detailing Secrets

Published on July 27, 2023

Latest evaluations and vids related to Tweed Ride Toronto 2000, #TBT – Interior Detailing Secrets.

Today’s episode is a flashback to 100 episodes ago – interior detailing secrets with Scott Perkin from Scotty’s Shine Shop – Enjoy!

This is Scotts 2nd time on the podcast, to listen to his first visit CLICK HERE.  Today we talk about a topic that isnt very popular and you do not hear much about, yet for a detailer focusing on his/her retail side of the business this episode is of HUGE value.  Check it out!

With over 20 years of detailing experience with all types of auto, boat, motorcycle and RV detailing and running London’s ONLY certified detail shop and winner of the 2014 International Detailing Association “Detail Shop of the Year” award. Scotty’s Shine Shop employs methods for all their services such as hand car washing, polishing, interior detailing and full paint correction that have been perfected to a science via our longstanding dedication to ongoing training in the latest and safest techniques and guaranteed in our results.

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#TBT - Interior Detailing Secrets

#TBT – Interior Detailing Secrets.

#TBT – Interior Detailing Secrets, Find popular guidance and posts explaining and Tweed Ride Toronto 2000, advice.

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#TBT Interior Detailing Secrets
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