Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology

Published on January 4, 2023

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Jens Christian Holst gave this talk at a seminar held by the Tweed Foundation in Kelso on 14th December 2016. It examines the management of marine ecosystems and why they should be an integral part of Atlantic Salmon stock management. He postulates that the large pelagic fish stocks in the NE Atlantic has led to overgrazing of the plankton resources with grave effects to all levels of the ecosystem and particularly with the long term trends in European salmon stocks. The continued low abundance of salmon stocks in many parts of the North Atlantic, despite significant fishery reductions, strengthens the view that factors acting on survival in the first and second years at sea are constraining the abundance of Atlantic salmon.

Jens Christian is a former senior scientist at the Institute of Marine Research, Bergen, Norway. His specialised working areas are research related to the the pelagic fish resources in the Norwegian Sea, in particular herring and salmon, but also blue whiting and mackerel. Recently his focus has been ecosystem dynamics and management of the pelagic resources. He has been the chairman of the International council for Exploration of the Sea’s Planning Group on Surveys on Pelagic Fish in the Norwegian Sea and was advisor for the Norwegian authorities in international fisheries negotiations.

This presentation was recorded with amateur recording equipment and so the sound quality is very poor. However the content of the presentation is very important and crucial to understanding what is happening to Tweed Salmon stocks.

Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology

Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology.

Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology, Explore latest research study and stories about and Tweed Ride Toronto 2000, advice.

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Tweed Salmon and Ocean Ecology
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