Why Joe Davis can't wait for legacy cannabis to disappear

Published on October 19, 2023

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Meet Joe Davis. He’s been in the legacy Canadian cannabis scene for a LONG time, but he’s excited to see legacy disappear! Joe teaches about cannabis at a variety of places and you’ll learn A LOT in this video. See all the questions below.

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Topics We Cover:

0:59 Who is Joe Davis?
2:14 How did he get started in legacy cannabis?
4:40 Joe is an autism therapist who introduced CBD to clients
6:43 Joe teaches cannabis at Durham College
7:28 Andrea and Joe nerd out about being cannabis educators
8:21 Using cannabis for fibromyalgia
10:45 Does an undernourished endocannabinoid system need MORE cannabis?
12:39 Using cannabis for autism
14:32 What are the social costs of legalizing cannabis?
16:50 What does the research say about driving while under the influence of THC?
23:54 Using cannabis instead of opiates
27:54 What does this legacy cannabis guy think about legalization and corporate cannabis?
30:03 Joe is grateful for legacy cannabis
32:45 There are equity problems in legal Canadian cannabis
33:42 Why Joe is HAPPY (!) that legal cannabis is here and legacy is on its way out
36:58 How can we fix some of the problems in legal cannabis?
38:08 Is expungement possible for those locked up with low-level cannabis crimes?
42:04 What do the social equity programs in Oakland look like?
43:06 Why Joe (a cannabis smoker) looks forward to the end of cannabis smoking
45:48 Joe is excited about all the new ways to consume cannabis
48:48 The beautiful new cannabis products we’re starting to see in Canada

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Why Joe Davis can't wait for legacy cannabis to disappear

Why Joe Davis can't wait for legacy cannabis to disappear.

Why Joe Davis can't wait for legacy cannabis to disappear, Read more viewpoints and vids relevant with and Tweed Ride Toronto 2000, reviews.

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Why Joe Davis can't wait for legacy cannabis to disappear
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