No Tweed Ride for 2015 : Seeking Sponsor

Every year Bikes Without Borders and their hard working dedicated volunteers put into motion the plan for the Toronto Tweed Ride.  Alas, in 2015 we are sad to announce we will not be able to organize the ride.   This year, the ride has run into some set-backs and we have decided to defer the 2015 Ride until 2016 pending a new official corporate sponsor relationship. Aside from the monumental grass roots support we get from the Toronto cycling community, the ride is ultimately dependent on our big corporate sponsor.  For many years the great folks down at ING Direct and more recently Tangerine have generously supported the ride with direct funding and a group of amazing volunteers. Sadly sometimes great things and great relationships have to end.  Tangerine has decided to refocus their support on other worthy charitable initiatives.  We would would like to thank Tangerine for their support of the 2014 ride. Bikes Without Borders is seeking an official sponsor relationship for the Tweed Ride. Interested parties should contact:  
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